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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Looking for love in all the wrong places

Dear Katie,
I promised myself that I wouldn't sign up for a dating service or website until I am at least 25. There is nothing wrong with being 25 and single, but I figure if I am still singlin' and minglin' by then, it will be time for some drastic measures. However, for the next two years, I have to figure something out, and lately instead of me looking for love, love has come looking for me. About fifteen minutes ago, eastern standard time, I made a connection...a PC Connection.
Before you get to excited, let me explain. I was given the task of ordering four MacBooks at work, and that lead me to call PC Connection, which lead me to a salesguy named Dennis*. Dennis helped me order the computers, and instead of the usual awkward silences that take place during over the phone transactions, he told me his life story. I learned that he lives in Boston and went to Mass Arts. He is a Red Sox fan, and draws a comic book with his friends about Mac Users. The final fun fact that Dennis left me with is that he is going to be in New York in a couple weeks for his cousin's wedding. That is where we hung up. That is where I thought our time together on this Earth was over, but the stars aligned, and Dennis and I spoke again. He called to make sure we got the computers (which we did) and told me all about how the Yankees beat the Red Sox this weekend. Then, in as smooth of a move as guy who sells computers can make, he said he would email me when he is in town for his cousin's wedding. So, I guess I have a date to get ready for. A date with a guy that looks like this:

and hopefully not this:
Because I can't date no cat, yo.

*Name has NOT been changed.


At 11:54 AM, Blogger Jamie said...

Point. Click. Love connection.

At 1:46 PM, Anonymous kinsey said...

i hope you and dennis get married.


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