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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mid-Term Report

Dear Brianna,

I've been keeping close contact with our secret google insider, and they have recently sent me a report of the top search phrases people use to find our blog. Most of the search phrases have something to do with Katie, Brianna, Lifemates or Heterosexual. BUT, there are some little gems that I found trying to hide behind the normalcy of their wife and children, and here they are:

-dirty aim conversations
-brianna's birthday
-Wayne Newton face surgery
-dirty grandma
-faces of brianna
-grampa fucking grandma
-dear mom please tell the story of how i got my ...
-Brianna whats it matter
-"true life: i am obese"
-drinking gin and juice in the hood
-august and brianna
-kevin spacey
-brianna love tube
-world of outlaws car bedroom sets
-to much beer causing me to wet the bed
-"steven segal" fat

We really talk about some hard hitting things, Brianna. We should be proud.


Please check out these awesome videos on youtube from a bunch of our friends at the UCB Theatre!


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