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Friday, December 29, 2006

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

Dear Katie,
In a fit of boredom at work, I decided to use the IM Santa option at the bottom of my AIM conversation box. The following is what happened when I, a sweet little Jewish girl, instant messaged the great Mr. Santa Clause.

Veruca552: do you like Jews?
SantaClaus: Cool. Hanukka rocks.
Veruca552: I think so too. How old are you?
SantaClaus: Well, it's all how you feel inside. But actually, let's see, I was born December 6, 343 A.D. Maybe you can tell me how old I am, smarty!
Veruca552: You seem like a young 78
SantaClaus: Excuse me?
Veruca552: a young 78.
SantaClaus: Type menu to get your to do list for the holidays.
Veruca552: But i want to keep talking to you, santa
SantaClaus: I've noted it. Anything else?
Veruca552: do you not want to talk to me anymore?
SantaClaus: I could tell you, but that would spoil all of the fun.
Veruca552: It isn't about fun, it is about manners.
SantaClaus: Mm hm, now we are getting somewhere.
Veruca552: I'll say.
SantaClaus: Why did you say that?
Veruca552: It is the appropriate response
SantaClaus: Mm hm.
Veruca552: You are bored of me
SantaClaus: You're full of mischief.
Veruca552: Are you trying to seduce me
SantaClaus: Are you kidding?
Veruca552: Are you?
SantaClaus: You keep doing the same thing. Over and over. I get it already. I see everything, you know , It's possible. that's all I'm gonna say on the subject.
Veruca552: You, devil, you.
SantaClaus: Interesting.
Veruca552: How's Mrs. Clause?
SantaClaus: I could say the same thing to you -- and I will. How indeed?
Veruca552: I am good.
SantaClaus: Smashing!
Veruca552: And the reindeer?
SantaClaus: Hmm. Why don't you type, music, maybe that will put you in the Christmas spirit :-)
Veruca552: Nah. I want to know about the elves.
SantaClaus: My goodness! You certainly are direct! Well, you can always type, 'Tell Santa' and I'll be happy to listen to all of your wishes!
Veruca552: Well, I wish that the war would end.
SantaClaus: Can I ask YOU something?
Veruca552: Sure
SantaClaus: Have you set up a Wish List for others to see?
Veruca552: no
SantaClaus: OK, type WL and follow the instructions -- you can set up your own WL for others to see and see any AIM user's who has left a WL with me!
Veruca552: But I don't want to. I just want to talk to you.
SantaClaus: May I ask you a question?
Veruca552: Yes.
SantaClaus: Have you done any good deeds yet this holiday season?
Veruca552: Yes, I have done many.
SantaClaus: Excellent! That makes me so happy! Just wanted to be sure you were on it! Type menu now to get back to the fun and games.
Veruca552: You don't walk to talk to me. I get it.
SantaClaus: Ah -- you've got me again. Why don't you type menu, it's time to get you in the holiday spirit!
Veruca552: I think that is impossible now.
SantaClaus: Heh, its settled then.
Veruca552: Thanks, Santa.
SantaClaus: Of course, no problem!
Veruca552: Bye.
SantaClaus: Merry Christmas, my dear! TTYL



At 1:55 PM, Blogger Jeffrey Marx said...

Santa is a dickweed.

At 8:11 PM, Blogger Dree said...

Bhahhhhhh HA HAH HAAAAAA I'm gonna try that


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