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Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot town

Dear Brianna,

Remember when we were riding the subway that time last week, and you reached into your purse for a book or something and instead dropped your underpants on the subway floor? HAHA! I remember. It was one of the funniest moments of my life. You dropped your underware! In public no less! AHHAHAH! Okay. phew. I'm still laughing. You can embarrass me in the next post. I'm sure you have enough fodder for that.

I've become somewhat of a traveling man (woman) as of late, and it's rather exciting. I've seen the world (eastern seaboard). I've met exciting people (bikers and asshole lifeguards) and eaten rare and exciting cuisine (FRIENDLY'S!!!). I'm extremely worldly now and have taken to speaking in a semi British accent (more like Canadian), much like Madonna. I've adopted a new religion (MTV's The Hills). How could I not change my ways after seeing some of the worlds most popular wonders (Jones Beach ponchos, a traveling diner, Harlem, and Kelly Clarkson)??? See, I knew you'd understand. I feel fifty years older now that I've experienced all the world has to offer. Am I still ready to see more? What more is there for me to see?? I've seen the sun set on three different continents (states) and each time the sun set in a more amazing and unbelievable way. How is that possible? I think I'm growing as a person. I've become wise beyond your years.

So, in concluuusion, I would like to thank...YOU. Why? I'm a big person (tall). The public, the people like you, are where it all started. So, Thanks. Thanks for just being....YOU.



At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Laura Radcliffe said...

That was a big girl.

Seriously, she was built like a linebacker.


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