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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

All About Brianna!

Dear Brianna,

First Order of Business:
-I am so very proud of you for graduating with honors and speaking at graduation. It was fantastic and I know your family was so crazy proud of you (I was sitting with them, so I very much know). You're a college graduate!

Second order of Business:
-We do not currently live in the same state. It has been very hard on our relationship, but so far we've made the distance thing work. Why? Because we're survivors.

Third thing:
Does the public know that we collaborated on things before this blog? That we spent a hot July day making a movie with the annoying children of Brooklyn? That my bicycle that stars in the movie was stolen two days after this was filmed? I'll bet they don't know! They should watch this movie that we made a year ago! It has bananas and playgrounds and the little grocery store that is across the street from the big one!

Have a great day everyone, and if you're in New York City or the surrounding areas, remember to drink lots of water on these annoyingly hot days!





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