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Friday, January 19, 2007

I got tagged.

Dear Katie,
I know this is out of order, but the most super duper wonderful Glennis McMurray tagged me, and now I have to fulfill her and the rest of the world's wishes to know more about the mystery that is Brianna Hope Jacobson. Here are five things you might (or might not) know about me.

1) I have been to SIX *N SYNC concerts. I was at the peak of adolescence during the whole teen pop craze, and I was totes on the *N SYNC side of the boy band battle. My favorite member was Chris (the one with the pineapple dreadlock hair) and I threw birthday parties for Justin Timberlake with my best friend Sara every year. Sara and I collected every television appearance *N SYNC made on a set of 10 VHS Tapes in a time before Tivo and You Tube.

2) My name, Brianna, means beautiful creation in Hebrew. It is pronouced Breeee (like the cheese) ahhhhh (like the sound you make after drinking a glass of water) and then na (like na-cho). Sometimes people pronounce the middle syllable wrong, and that secretly bothers me. My dad moved to America from Israel in his mid-twenties, and I am very proud of the heritage that my name holds. So remember guys, it's ahhhh like awesome, not ah like ant.

3) I had my first kiss in my friend's basement while watching Happy Days. It was an episode where the Fonz is hitting on a tennis pro. I know this because the kiss was so bad, and my eyes were wide open, and to this day, I can not watch that show without being utterly mortified.

4) I will admit this because Sarah Silverman has admitted it, which makes it kinda cool. What is IT you ask....well, I'll tell you. I wet the bed for a long time. Like until I was a little too old to be doing it. And what finally made me stop was going to a children's therapist (I was still a child so it was ok, right!?!) and getting this contraption that I had to attach to my underwear at night. If any moisture ever touched it, it would start beeping, and I had to get up and change. I know...Grosstown.

5) I wrote a rough draft of my Myspace page. Before I took the plunge into posting a profile for myself on the interweb, I did what any other self-respecting, OCD, writer-type would do, I sat down with my journal. While listening to Neutral Milk Hotel, I wrote a down right pretentious, embarrassing, profile, that made me look like the most annoying hipster that ever hipped (so not me), and by the time I actually posted said profile, it looked nothing like the word vomit I had originally wrote out.

So there it is, Miss Cheek, (and Miss McMurray). Now here are the peeps I am tagging...

The beautiful and talented Ari Scott

My Saturday night homie Brian Kennedy

The refreshingly honest Anna Rubanova

The really good hugger DC Pierson

and....YOU! Miss Katie Cheek

So that's that. Thanks Glennis!


At 11:29 PM, Blogger Anna said...

Oooh. Thanks. :D

At 5:16 PM, Blogger havemycake said...

...brave. and people you know actually read your blog and you post pictures...


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