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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Been around the world...

Dear Katie,

OMG Cheek! Where the EFF have I been? AAACK! I got so lost for a while. One day I was just minding my business and organizing my scarf collection, when all of a sudden, I found myself here:

My first reaction was to be mad cuz I hadn't finished organizing my scarves, but then I was like, duh hello, you own a magical scarf that transported you to Egypt... probably more important things to think about right now. So, I popped open a purple Fanta (which happens to be huge in Cairo) and took a pause break to think about what to do next. But, then, as I took my first sip, I was no longer in Egypt, but had been brought here:

Mother-Freaking Tokyo! It was like somebody said, "Hey, Brianna... where are the top three places you want to go in the world?" And then they found a magical scarf and a magical grape Fanta to take me there. I could only wonder if my next stop was going to be my third most-desired travel destination. I couldn't think too long, though, cause I had a bithcin' hangnail that needed my attention. So, as I got to work, I felt a familiar feeling and didn't know why it was so familiar. Then I remembered that I had just felt it two times, and decided if I was wearing a hat, I would hold on to it because before I knew it, I would be here:

Eating fruit on my secluded villa in the Greek Isles. The sun would be soaking into my skin, and I could jump right into the ocean to cool off. When I came up for air, there would be a handsome Greek man waiting for me with a towel. (So, I might have based this scene on Sisterhood of the Travelling pants... Those pants make miracles... Sue me.) Instead, when I opened my eyes, I was here:

Back at my cubicle at work. Totally lame. But, on the upside, I did turn into a lego. So, all wasn't lost.




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