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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

She works hard for her money.

Dear Katie,
I wish I could write something super insightful about the writer's strike, but all I keep coming up with is that I want to go back to work. As you and most of our readers know, I have been stuck in bed fighting a case of mono that just won't quit, and now that I am feeling well enough to return to my glamorous job as a cue card assistant, I still can't go.
I can't help but think that this is an act of fate. Perhaps I haven't recovered enough, and shouldn't be working yet, and the strike is just a way to keep me from getting sick again. However, reality says that this is definately not the case.
As a writer in the very VERY beginning stages of her career, working on her 30 Rock spec, and soaking up all she can, I fully support the WGA in their fight to get the proper compensation for their work. However, as a girl who has spent the last two weeks in bed watching crappy reality TV, I can't bear to think that soon all original programming will cease, leaving reality TV as my only option.
If I have to watch one more episode of A Shot at Love, America's Most Smartest Model, Run's House, or Pageant Place, I think I am going to kill myself. Even I Love New York has gotten ridiculously...ridiculous...and I totally checked out during last night's episode of The Hills. What kind of world is it where New York and Lauren Conrad can't keep my attention? Okay...I know...a good one, but still. As much as I hate to say it, the only show that I think has any sort of promise is Keeping up with the Kardashians, and the E! channel rarely repeats it.
Tomorrow was supposed to be my big day back to work. Seth freaking Green was scheduled as a guest, and he would walk right past me, sense something behind him, turn around, and propose marriage as I sat trying to keep my cool backstage. Now, this won't happen. The strike won't be over, and I will be stuck staying at home and watching re-runs of The Girls Next Door instead.
So listen, AMPTP, I want you to stop being such meanies, sit down with the WGA, and figure this whole thing out. The reason us writer folk are so passionate about these issues is because writing and going to work is what makes us happy. We don't want to have to put production on hold, keep tons of people out of work and force America to watch bad television, we just want to earn an appropriate salary.
I beg of you, no more drama, end this shiz, and let me go back to work...please.


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