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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hey, you, jump on to my cloud!

Dear Brianna,

Happy third anniversary NYC! It's been a great three years, eh? We've seen some homeless people pee on themselves, drunk people barf on themselves, famous people that smirk so hard they pass out and SO MANY DOGS! I've had a few burgers, drank a few underage beers at several bars (being 21? who cares!), and been hit on by creepy men from over thirty-seven countries!

Hey! Remember that time that crazy man asked me to hold his parrot while he shopped in the grocery store? That was hilarious! Classic NYC! That parrot liked to say Hello! HAHA!!

Or that time I was threatened by a five foot tall gay man in Chelsea because he didn't like what I was wearing? Ha! I'm taller than you little man!

Parties on my roof! Kiddie pools! Fires! Beer cans! Shoe Chair!!

What about those little kids who were visiting Columbus Circle in February, all star eyed and bushy tailed, and were offered giant bottle of Vodka and Rum from two men collecting money for the homeless? Those kids seemed so thirsty!

All those nights spent in the basement of a grocery store chocking on smoke and mildew!

Recall that time at the Thanksgiving Parade where we saw the M&M balloon right before it decided to injure a child in a wheel chair? That kid should have been more aware! M&Ms are free spirits!

All those late night walks to the little park by my apartment in Brooklyn where I can swing and swing until my baby heart is giggling!

Ooo! Ooo! Those twin bums we used to see all the time around 23rd and 5th! That family is twice as disappointed!

We've read so many books together!

Oh, dear God, all those times I've decided to burst into song and dance on the street only to confuse and piss off everyone around me!

JFK is a fun place for dance parties when your plane is delayed two hours!

My college days of partying on roofs of people I barely knew, then being locked out of the apartment and having to finish my Sparks on the sidewalk of Little Italy!

I've baked a lot of cookies!

And, um...that's it!

(plenty of other things have happened, but it's 10am and I can't remember. Make it up people!)




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