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Saturday, February 11, 2006

I used to be (still am) a nerd.

Dear Katie,
It is common knowledge that I am a little obsessive compulsive about certain things, and by certain things, I mean everything. I have a way of doing things and there are certain possibilities out there that I would never even think of entertaining. Until recently, my underwear would always match my socks, I wouldn't eat meat in public, I couldn't fast forward through the credits of a taped copy of SNL, and I would have to perform countless other behaviors that had crept their way into my life over the past twenty-one years. The reason I remind you of all this is that times are changing. Wednesday night, I said goodbye to the old Brianna. The Brianna plagued with idiosyncracies went away, and left room for the new Brianna to be ushered in. On Wednesday night, I ate a kids meal at Wendy's. With that action, I broke the rules about eating alone in public, eating fast food, and eating beef that my mom didn't buy. I also sat at the table right in front of the window so that all of the passerby could bear witness to my reinvention. After my life-changing meal, I did one more thing that cemented my new existence. Against my better judgement, I used a starbucks restroom. The restroom was filthy, and a discarded paper seat cover was draped over the toilet, but I removed it, and peed anyway. Granted I used a piece of toilet paper to pick up the seat cover, but that isn't weird, it is sanitary. Anyway, I have many new avenues to explore, now that I have been freed from the chains of compulsion. I am going to let the waiters pile the dirty plates at restaurants, I'm going to tell people that I have BOTH Ashlee Simpson albums on my ipod, and I am going to live a life that tells the world how daring and adventurous I now am.


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