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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hipster Sassafrass

Dear Katie,
Today in the elevator, I bent over to adjust my leggings, and I realized that yes I was wearing leggings, and yes I was adjusting them, which are both common actions of a fucking hipster. I tried to convince myself that I shouldn't be worried, that I am a nice normal girl, but then I saw my leopard print flats, cut off denim skirt, extra long hoodie, and realized that I might be a fucking hipster. I am really very worried about this, and we better go to the GAP tommorow and then drink smoothies from Jamba Juice so that I can un-hip myself. But wait... if I wore GAP and drank smoothies, I would be a yuppie. Is a yuppie better than a hipster? Fuck. You just can't win these days.

PS-My post is tropical colored, and it would match your poncho.


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