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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hey World, Here comes Brianna!

Dear Brianna,

Good thing you took green cause I hate Green! Just kidding, I like green, and I would make my text a color if I only knew how. But you still don't know how to post links or pictures, so we're even. Anyway, thanks for telling me you don't ever want to sleep with me. That really meant a lot. Because sometimes, I just like to cuddle with no further involvement. But, now that I see where we stand, I shall never mention this subject again.

Brianna Hope Jacobson was born far far away on a tiny farm, also known as New Jersey, and hasn't lived there in a really long time. Her father works on big metal birds, so her family moved around a lot, and she laments about moving all the time, all the time. Brianna's new drink of choice would have to be the screwdriver, and I never really knew her to drink until I became her friend and corrupted her. So, sorry if you didn't know her before me, she was probably better or something. Anyway, Brianna believes Seth Green to be her soul mate, and will tell you this because it's not a secret. She also enjoys vintage clothing, comedy related things, Project runway, being neurotic and reading. Also, just a note for those of you who may be planning on living with Brianna in the future: She hates it when you don't do your dishes right away (I never do) and she won't let you smoke weed in the house. I learned the hard way and had to sleep in the dog house for a night or two. Oh, wait, she didn't know about the weed thing. SHIT.




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