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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Danga! Danga! (pronounced like danger, except you leave off the r)

Dear Brianna,

Good thing I didn't come to the bar with you last night, because if I had been present at this "cab debacle" I may have either

A. jumped on top of the cab, crawled onto the roof so that I could reach my hand into the window and grab the guys ugly face, ripping his skin with my nails and raw tenacity.


B. Thrown something at the cab that would have broken one of the windows. The cab driver would stop, get out and walk towards me. I would pick up a trash can and throw it at his head, causing him to fall over. Then, I would run up to him, spit on his fucking face and NAIL him in the balls.

Funny thing here is that I probably would have really thrown something at the cab. You know how violent I am. Sometimes, violence is the only way to communicate with assholes. So thanks Baltimore, for making me bitter, violent, short tempered and completely self doubting!

I have pretty much been completely alone in my room for about 24 hours, and I'm going prettttty nuts. I went out to breakfast this morning, but that was the only time I ventured outside after about 5 o'clock on Saturday. Don't get me wrong, I love being alone, but after a certain point I tend to go a little crazy. There is only so much Celebrity fit club, There and Back, True Life, Project Runway and E! True Hollywood story you can watch. I've found myself talking aloud to these people, yelling at Ashley Parker Angel from There and Back about wiping his ass in the kitchen where his mother in law could see him, and complaining aloud about E! television's lack of actual good programming. I've driven myself to the point where I just want to drink alone because I have nothing better to do! (I haven't done that yet) I think my roommates heard me singing along to Billy Joel and the Rent soundtrack, but that's just too bad...I couldn't hold back. People already think I'm crazy, so why not just roll with it? There are so many things crazy people can get away with that we cannot, so if people think I'm crazy, I'm actually at an advantage. Maybe they'll start buying me food because they think I can't actually do that for myself! This may be a blessing!!



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