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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Retail Therapy

Dear Katie,
After seeing the super duper German coat you bought at Urban for 5 bucks, I decided to try my luck, and take a trip there. What I found at both the Urban on West 4th and the one on 14th, is that shopping isn't as relaxing as it used to be, and retail therapy could quite possibly be a myth. Upon my arrival at the store, I smiled at the security guard, and made my way straight to the sale section. In a logical world, the sale section would be set up in a wide open space, as it is probably the most popular and crowded part of the store, but at Urban, they shove racks into a space the size of a closet and leave the customers to fend for themselves. Whenever I am in this situation, I think of the commercials for DSW Shoe Warehouse, where women are portrayed as wild animals, stalking out shoe prey, while a bongo drum, jungle-esque tune plays in the background. I don't want to live up to this stereotype, but it is hard to walk the logical path through the racks when other people completely disregard the order and walk willy nilly through the aisles. My supposed to be relaxing trip was quickly turning into a stressful situation, fueled by aggressive hipsters trying to get a good deal on some Diesel jeans. While I am happy with my purchases, I felt no sense of refreshment after my day of shopping. I was tired, my feet hurt, and I had a headache from the incessant blarings of Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, and White Stripes that Urban insisted on playing at top volume. I think I need to look for a different way to blow off steam, before my money and my patience runs out.


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