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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why do we never get an answer, when we're knocking at the door?

Dear Brianna,

Have you ever seen someone who has had a lot of plastic surgery done to their face try to cry? Like actually generate tears? Like actually let the tear ducts in their face release the water that has suddenly built up in a fit of unhappiness? The mouth tries to form a frowning position, but instead takes the form of an uncomfortable constipation type face?

I was watching this show called "Intervention" on A&E and this family was calling out this women who had some addiction, I don't remember what, but her face was fucking pulled tighter than that new single from JLO (HOLLA!). Somehow the topic of the conversation in the show turned to rape, i guess she was raped, and her face started to twitch like she was trying to cry, but her face is permanently smiling so it's obviously hard for her to change that so that she can frown. I was completely captivated by her incapability to control her facial muscles. She has to look the same all the time no matter how she feels. Her puffed out collagen filled lips have to hold that red lip stick that she had tattooed on last year when she was down on herself, forever. Her forehead can never generate wrinkles. Seriously, think about it for a second. What if you could never show your emotions through your face? How would you ever be a mime?

Good thing I haven't had plastic surgery, because it's time for me to go have myself a good cry while watching Celebrity Fit Club. Jeff Conaway is back, and I'm so proud of him. He's been through a lot, you know, and he really tries to please everyone, but sometimes you just can't handle everything on your own, you know what I mean, and it's really hard to be alone for so long, and maybe he just wants love because he's lonely and he found love in the bottom of a bottle because a bottle will never judge you, you know, and I can partially relate with that, you know that fragility of humanity and the fluctuation of the need for acceptance and the complete disregard for other people. He's hurting and I feel it.



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